Strengthening the Employability and Key Competences of Young People with Disabilities Through the Digital Transformation and Modernisation of Youth Work

Direct Target Group

Young People with Disabilities (YPwDs)
Age: 15+


To improve the employability skills of Young People with Disabilities through the use of VR and build a business community towards enhancing the work opportunities and foster structural dialogue between businesses, Youth Organisations, Training Facilitators, Primary Schools and people with disabilities.



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The Importance of Digitalization on Youth Work for the Employment of People with Disabilities

The continuously advancing technological landscape underscores the need to exploit digital tools and solutions in youth work. This necessity arises to enhance employment opportunities and inclusion for individuals with disabilities in the contemporary and competitive labor market. Digitalization in youth work can play a crucial role in fostering digital inclusion, digital skills development and digital…

The JOBS4ALL Consortium is Working Towards the Implementation of the Project Results

The JOBS4ALL Consortium has been working hard on the implementation of the project results in order to set up employment hubs through a targeted employability programme. Specifically, all partner countries have conducted their Focus Groups with all target groups, namely Youth Workers, Parents, Employers and Policy Makers and have also concluded their peer review sessions.…

JOBS4ALL Newsletter#2

Get informed about the project’s recent actions by reading our second Newsletter here.


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