Special Education School Complex in Ignaców offers its students multidisciplinary support in their physical and mental development. The school’s aim is to prepare its students to be independent citizens being able to function in society, school or family while taking into account their abilities and limitations. Students with different mental disabilities ranging from mild to serious retardation attend the school as well as students suffering from autism.

The school offers well-equipped classrooms adjusted to students ‘needs, age and disabilities. Psychologists and nurses’ help is provided. Students can take an advantage of modern sports fields.

The school takes pride in its qualified teaching staff, therapists well prepared to work with disabled children and teenagers. There are about 72 teachers, various specialists, like: clinical speech therapist/’Speech-Language Pathologist'[SLP}, Biofeedback, Art therapy, therapeutic horseback riding, teachers of the deaf, physiotherapist and others.

There are about 180 students. They are exposed to a wide offer of improvement classes like: The Montessori method of therapy, Sherbourne, neurologopedics, biofeedback, sensory processing, corrective gymnastics or light therapy.

Our students can attend various clubs to develop their hobbies and interests: dance-music club, sports club, drama club, cookery classes and IT club.

The complex consists of the following departments: kindergarten, primary school and vocational school. Students are offered individualized treatment to meet their needs. The improvement programs are designed according to their special needs. The school opens at 8 a.m. at closes at 4 p.m. There is also a possibility to live in a nearby dormitory.

Vocational school – the school educates students in the following studios: small gastronomy, maintenance and cleaning work with elements of conservation and repair works, utility crafts, bookbinding and office work, hotel service assistant. In addition, our teachers have got their own vocational program concerning recycling. They collect waste paper or old household appliances.

Parents are taken care as well. They can take advantage of professional help offered by experienced psychologists from the Parents’ Club.

Contact Person: Paweł Antosiewicz, Headteacher of Zespół  Szkół Specjalnych im. Janiny Porazińskiej w Ignacowie,  zssignacow[at]wp.pl, +48 25 759 2623/+48 502 179 679

Website: http://www.zssignacow.szkolnastrona.pl/