MetropolisNet is a unique network of different types of organizations developing and implementing local strategies for employment and social inclusion in a number of European cities.

MetropolisNet evolved from a transnational network created to support EU local employment initiatives, including Territorial Employment Pacts, in 1998. Since March 2009 has been registered as an official EEIG (European Economic Interest Group).

MetropolisNet assists inter-city and inter-organization collaboration in promoting the local, regional, and transnational dimensions of EU policies on employment, social inclusion, and local development.

MetropolisNet is a European organization dealing with the topics of local development through the exchange, knowledge, and experimentation of strategies, projects, and programmes across the EU.

MetropolisNet offers local solutions to support sustainable development in metropolitan areas in the European context.
MetropolisNet fills the mission with life through the exchange of information, experience, and know-how between the partner organizations and beyond, supported by unique know-how at the local, regional, national and European level as well as between public and private, profit and not-for-profit organizations; through expertise in different policy areas: employment & labour market, urban development and social policy on a practical and on a research level; through the identification of best practice across Europe; through the implementation of joint European innovative projects; and through our ability of thinking outside the box.

Partners and members of MetropolisNet contribute significantly to solve the challenges in the areas of social inclusion and employment development facing urban regions through information exchange and mediation between practitioners and policy-makers in order to design programmes and develop partnerships for joint policy development.

The network consists of full members and associated members which are local authorities, employment social services, VET agencies, and research organizations from Metropolitan areas all over Europe. Members of MetropolisNet are equal partners sharing the vision on an inclusive European society.

Contact Person: Dr. Reiner Aster, Director, info[at], Kronenstraße 6, 10117, Berlin