Project Result 1 – Mapping Out the Employment Scene for YPwDs and the Provision of Training Programmes

Start Date: 01-05-2022 | End Date: 31-12-2022

PR1 consists of the following activities:

  1. PR1-A1: Employability Mapping Tool
  2. PR1-A2: Open Consultation and Creation of Synergies with Labour Market Actors
  3. PR1-A3: Physical and Virtual Peer-Review for Transnational Cooperation
    A3.1: National Infographics and Visual Presentations of The Employability Scene for YPwDs
    A3.2: Peer Review Sessions and Comparative Results
  4. PR1-A4: Setting Up the Employment Hubs for YPwDs: Guidelines and Procedures

Project Result 1

National Infographics